Ellipses, 2009 Fergus Doyle

Ellipses, Installation shot, 2009 Fergus Doyle

Ellipses – plural of Ellipsis, the three Dots that both break and join written text is the title of this project and Artist book which bring together related threads connecting local history with wider social and political themes.

The book contains a collection quotations and excerpts of related fragments of history, divided loosely into six sections; early photography, the control of nature, early ordinance survey, Memory, Theater and Place. These excerpts are punctuated with images in seven sections, each image titled after particular moths found in the area, or from the unusually British descriptive names that build a multiple viewpoint of history and sense of place.

Begerin Island (little Ireland), is one of three islands now landlocked on the reclaimed land of the North Slob area of Wexford harbour.The land was reclaimed from the sea during and directly after the time of the Famine of 1847.Irish place names were Anglicized and the early ordnance survey scrutinized the Island of Ireland. Material taken from these historical Islands were used to create the sea wall. The area is now a wild fowl reserve, its rich history and now obsolete description mimic aspects of photography while scares on the geographic and wider social political and cognitive landscape is addressed through the text.










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